1)    After enrolling as a Member, OnDoc will email you a Registration Invite email for your OnDoc Commission Account with your first payment. The email sender address will be no-reply@mypayquicker.com. 

Note: Check your Inbox, Junk or Spam email if you know OnDoc sent you a Commission Account Registration email.

2)    Open the email and click on the link “click here to create your account”. A page will then open allowing you to begin your Account Registration. Your email address will be pre-populated and you will not be able to update it during the enrollment process.  If after your enrollment, you need to change your email address with OnDoc, please change it in your OnDoc Commission Account as well.

3)    After completing registration, you may order from your account a Prepaid Visa® card. The card will be mailed to the address you entered in your Commission Account. Please allow 7 to ten (10) business days for your card to arrive in mail. The envelope will have “PayQuicker” in the return address window. Please check your mail for this important card!

4)    Once you receive your Prepaid Visa® card in the mail, simply sign into your OnDoc Commission Account to activate your card.

5)    Once your registration is completed you are all set to receive your commission payments. When OnDoc processes commission payments, 1) you will receive an email notification that you have been paid and 2) the payments will instantly appear in your Commission Account!