Doctors Online is quite different than Teladoc.  

For example, Teladoc will not provide any responses related to COVID-19.  You should NOT consult with a physician for anything related to getting a better understanding of this virus.  However, you can contact Doctor's Online as often as necessary and maintain a dialog with one of the Specialists for any specific questions or concerns regarding COVID-19.

What services are included?

You can email board-certified physicians, psychologists, pharmacists, dentists,

dietitians, fitness trainers, alternative medicine doctors, and eye doctors for help with

treatment options, behavioral health questions, nutrition, fitness and more.

You can use this benefit as often as needed and all health records are kept private and protected.

You receive responses within a few hours:

• Articles, videos and Health


• Weekly Health Tip emails from


• Healthy Lifestyle Assessments to

monitor your health